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Ninux Day 2009 Report

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

I’m so sorry I was totally busy and I hadn’t time yet to blog about the Ninux Day !!! So it is now time to write something !

It was our first Ninux Day, and it was great !

Every started Thursday night. Many of our international guests were already here in Rome, so we had a Warm up Party at Fusolab.

The following morning I went to Defrag_ to open up the place around 10.00, because the first people were expected by 12.00. Thanks to Andrea we had some beautiful posters at the entrance, as you can see in the picture.


Friday was quite a busy day. We had  many interesting talks, and people started to know each other. Only on the first day we had more than 50 people attending, and many were coming from abroad. On Sunday we had registered 123 people !

The first talk started a bit late, Ulf was the first one to have his slides ready, so I sent him on stage :) He started an interesting talk on how to manage cameras with embedded devices running OpenWRT and gphoto. The goal was to use the embedded devices to make panoramic pictures. Friday talks were on many different topics. After Ulf we had Alexander List talking about the Open Spectrum. After a while the “use the wiki” signs we had put everywhere at Defrag_ started to work… the hackers were self managing the event their self, timetable was optimized, talks were shaped to the avaiable timeslots… it is always cool to see how the hacker society can self manage an event :)


To help the people know each other we organized a permanent PGP Signing Party. Most of us exchange emails during the year, very often attaching patches and snippets of code. It is a good thing to make sure about the identity of the person who is writing to you. So the key signing had begin ! After a while people were interacting together, coding, discussing about protocol, showing their work to others.


The long Ninux Day continued for the all weekend until Sunday in the late afternoon. For the first time I have seen people from wireless communities from all Europe actually working together and exchanging ideas. I was very very happy about the result, even if organizing everything I missed many details on the presentation and works that were going on ! But it was ok! I just can’t do too many things at the same time :)

The very good thing about this event is that now people are still discussing and working on the ideas and projects developed in the weekend in Rome. On the Ninux Day mailing list and on the nodedb-interop list you will find community members from all europe actively working.

Well, it is too had to describe the Ninux Day in such a short blog post, so if this year you have missed it, I suggest it is much better to come next year and see with your eyes !

Happy hacking !