Posts Tagged ‘c-base’ endorses “Mesh is in the air” (“Wireless BattleMesh” + “Wireless Community Weekend”)

Monday, March 26th, 2018 endorses “Mesh is in the air” – this year mesh up of the “Wireless Battle of the Mesh” and “Wireless Community Weekend”

We keep the approach to test the performance of different routing protocols for ad-hoc networks and combine it with the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the yearly Freifunk community get together. The mix becomes a global gathering of wifi tech experts, mesh developers and community networkers that join the event to hack, test, discuss, explain, learn and barbecue at c-base, Berlin’s famous hack-space-station.

If you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community activist, have an interest in wifi or dynamic routing protocols, you can’t miss this event!
So check out our continuously updated information about the event at

The wireless mesh-up is free of charge and open for all, every year we strive to keep participation costs low by negotiating deals for accommodation and food.

This year the event will take place from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th of May, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. The event is locally organized by Freifunk, Germany’s community wireless network. endorses and supports “Mesh is in the air” not only for the efforts made by its community to advance the field of wireless mesh networking and foster the development of grass-roots community networks, but for their contribution to digital freedom rights movement, humanitarian aid, empowerment of peoples tech/net/media competency and a free and open civil society. will support the event by:

  • helping to organize and promote the event
  • bringing members of the community to the event
  • giving talks about the advancement of our community
  • presenting projects

Ninux endorses Wireless Community Weekend 2014 in Berlin C-Base

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Ninux vi segnala il consueto appuntamento a Berlino con il Wireless Community Weekend di Freifunk. Ogni anno tutte le community tedesche di Freifunk si incontrano a C-Base per un weekend, per approfondimenti tecnici e per il famoso barbecue di C-Ven.

Sul WIKI di Freifunk trovate tutte le informazioni sull’evento. Speriamo di incontrare molti di voi li a C-Base.



Il video del Wireless Community Weekend 2010 a Berlino

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Non ci crederete ma con tutte le cose che faccio… mi ero scordato di pubblicare questo video :)

La cosa positiva è che non manca poi molto al Wireless Community Weekend 2011 :)


CCC Congress 26C3 short video

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Just a short video to give an idea of this surreal place full of nerds ! :)

Have fun :) Saverio

Interview with kloschi at C-Base Berlin @ Wireless Community Weekend 2008

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Questa settimana buona parte di partira’ per Berlino per il Wireless Community Weekend 2009. In attesa della partenza, ZioPRoTo sta finendo di montare alcuni video con interviste fatte durante il Wireless Community Weekend 2008.

Nel video qui sotto potete vedere l’intervista, fatta da ZioPRoTo e filmata da Mario Behling, ad alcuni membri di Freifunk Leipzig, ed in particolare a kloschi, uno dei membri piu’ attivi della sua community.

Wireless Community Weekend 2008: Interview with kloschi at C-Base Berlin from Saverio Proto on Vimeo.