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Novità da Berlino

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Siamo presenti fino al 15 agosto 2011 con la grande tenda ninux al CCC 2011. La nostra location è proprio accanto alla italian embassy. Anche in questa occasione abbiamo fatto in modo che i luoghi comuni sui nerd fossero sfatati, e quindi il nostro tentativo è stato quello di concentrare i nostri sforzi sulle mesh e sulle popolazioni autoctone.

La grande rete ninux

Abbiamo trovato una grande risposta da parte della popolazione presente. Potete vedere in foto G10h4ck che si è dimostrato molto sensibile ai problemi di networking. Un altro nuovo insediamento ninux si è concretizzato in uno dei locali più cool di Berlino.

La rete ninux nei posti più cool di Berlino


Wireless Community Weekend 2010

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Just back from Berlin, where I went with my Ninux friends at the Wireless Community Weekend 2010. As always a lot of interesting news and it is good to see old friends involved in Wireless Community Networks in other cities and countries.

It was 8 Italian Ninux guys, 7 from Rome and 1 from Pisa. Yeah, this year Ninux is spreading country-wide. The students from Eigenlab with the strong tech help of Gioacchino are starting a new Ninux network in the city of Pisa.

This trip as you can imagine, was a lot about nerds and programming/installing/debugging software firmwares and so on … but not only…. Anyway here the picture of the arrival at C-Base, computer+beer :)

As my friends know I’m also a fun of riding bicycles in the cities as an alternative to cars, and Berlin is a way ahead of Rome in this direction. I’ve seen several fixies around but also cool German bikes not easy to find in Rome. Here in the picture some nice bike I’ve seen parked around :)

We also had a lot of typical German food, especially Berliner beer, club-mate and Doner Kebab. Nerds diet consists in eating a lot of food regardless of time and space, so whenever hungry the nerds quit of all the activities to go finding food :) In C-Base this was easy because the legendary Freifunk Barbeque was on 24/7, and it was possible to go there at any time and cook something.

Talking about some mesh tech, I spent most of the time with Mitar installing the Nodewatcher developed in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the Ninux network. It is really a great software and I’m already looking and to graphs generated for the Ninux nodes. The system gives you a lot of precious information to debug/monitor the network. The work together was very productive and Mitar opened a lot of tickets on his Trac, because this was actually the first installation on another network.

Also the meeting solved some nasty bug of OLSR with IPv6 that Gioacchino reported to the OLSR team.

Me and Claudio had a meeting with Kloschi to brainstorm a bit about the Radiomate project, that is starting in a few days. Some very useful thoughts came out of the discussion and I just can’t wait to see the results !

Well next nerd event is soon ! Even if time every time in Berlin flies away so quickly, I’m happy anyways, because I’m meeting many of my German friends again in Bracciano for the BattleMesh !


Pomeriggio a C-Base

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Siamo già immersi dentro a C-Base !!!!!! :O Una vera e proprio astronave spaziale dentro Berlino.

Un bel viaggio nerd ! Birra mateclub e computers ! 🙂

E’ appena arrivata un email di Henning che è stata rilasciata la 0.6.0 di OLSR … yeah !

Siamo arrivati qui ed abbiamo depositato una tonnellata di flyers del Wireless Battle Mesh !! Tutti guardano i flyers e dicono “WOW” !!!

Provo a scollare gli altri nerds dal PC per andare a cena ma non sarà facile ! 😀




Siamo arrivati a Berlino

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Siamo arrivati a Berlino per il Wireless Community Weekend 2010.

Ci siamo sistemati nella solita casa, e ci siamo collegati alla solita WiFi WEP crakkata da “uno di noi a caso”, la necessità fa l’uomo hacker 🙂

Dopo una lunga dormita ed un abbuffata di biscotti al peanut butter siamo pronti per andare a C-Base !!!



CCC Congress 26C3 short video

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Just a short video to give an idea of this surreal place full of nerds ! :)

Have fun :) Saverio