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Wireless Battle Mesh v4 (16-20 Marzo 2011, Sant Bartomeu del Grau, Spagna Catalogna)

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Wireless Battle Mesh v4

(16-20 March 2011, Sant Bartomeu del Grau, Spagna Catalogna)


La prossima ‘Wireless Battle of the Mesh’ avrà luogo da mercoledì 16 a domenica 20 Marzo a Sant Bartomeu del Grau (80km da Barcellona), Spagna (Catalogna). L’evento ha lo scopo di riunire persone da tutt’Europa per mettere alla prova le prestazioni di differenti protocolli di routing per reti ad-hoc, come Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX, e OLSR.

Se sei un appassionato dell’argomento, se sei un attivista delle reti comunitarie o ti interessano le reti mesh, devi assolutamente venire!

Maggiori informazioni sull’evento possono essere trovate sul sito:


L’evento si terrà al Can Roca turistic resort a Sant Bartomeu del Grau, in Catalogna, nell’area dei pre-Pyrenees Lluçanès, a circa 80 km da Barcellona.


Sara’ possibile registrarsi in diversi hackerspace (Fusolab, HSBXL, /tmp/lab, metalab, CCC, …) e sul sito ufficiale dell’evento:


Ogni partecipante dovrebbe donare 50 Euro (per coprire i costi del campeggio e dell’infrastruttura). Per finanziare l’evento, ti chiediamo di pagare al momento della registrazione (bonifico o contanti).


* Web:

* Email: wbmv4_aatt_exo_dot_cat

* IRC: #battlemesh

Wireless Community Weekend 2010

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Just back from Berlin, where I went with my Ninux friends at the Wireless Community Weekend 2010. As always a lot of interesting news and it is good to see old friends involved in Wireless Community Networks in other cities and countries.

It was 8 Italian Ninux guys, 7 from Rome and 1 from Pisa. Yeah, this year Ninux is spreading country-wide. The students from Eigenlab with the strong tech help of Gioacchino are starting a new Ninux network in the city of Pisa.

This trip as you can imagine, was a lot about nerds and programming/installing/debugging software firmwares and so on … but not only…. Anyway here the picture of the arrival at C-Base, computer+beer :)

As my friends know I’m also a fun of riding bicycles in the cities as an alternative to cars, and Berlin is a way ahead of Rome in this direction. I’ve seen several fixies around but also cool German bikes not easy to find in Rome. Here in the picture some nice bike I’ve seen parked around :)

We also had a lot of typical German food, especially Berliner beer, club-mate and Doner Kebab. Nerds diet consists in eating a lot of food regardless of time and space, so whenever hungry the nerds quit of all the activities to go finding food :) In C-Base this was easy because the legendary Freifunk Barbeque was on 24/7, and it was possible to go there at any time and cook something.

Talking about some mesh tech, I spent most of the time with Mitar installing the Nodewatcher developed in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the Ninux network. It is really a great software and I’m already looking and to graphs generated for the Ninux nodes. The system gives you a lot of precious information to debug/monitor the network. The work together was very productive and Mitar opened a lot of tickets on his Trac, because this was actually the first installation on another network.

Also the meeting solved some nasty bug of OLSR with IPv6 that Gioacchino reported to the OLSR team.

Me and Claudio had a meeting with Kloschi to brainstorm a bit about the Radiomate project, that is starting in a few days. Some very useful thoughts came out of the discussion and I just can’t wait to see the results !

Well next nerd event is soon ! Even if time every time in Berlin flies away so quickly, I’m happy anyways, because I’m meeting many of my German friends again in Bracciano for the BattleMesh !


Pomeriggio a C-Base

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Siamo già immersi dentro a C-Base !!!!!! :O Una vera e proprio astronave spaziale dentro Berlino.

Un bel viaggio nerd ! Birra mateclub e computers ! 🙂

E’ appena arrivata un email di Henning che è stata rilasciata la 0.6.0 di OLSR … yeah !

Siamo arrivati qui ed abbiamo depositato una tonnellata di flyers del Wireless Battle Mesh !! Tutti guardano i flyers e dicono “WOW” !!!

Provo a scollare gli altri nerds dal PC per andare a cena ma non sarà facile ! 😀




My Battle of the Mesh 2009 v2 report

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Hello World !

this weekend for the first time I partecipated to a Battle of the Mesh, an event organized periodically to test routing protocol implementations for mesh networks.

First of all I have to thank a lot Benjamin Henrion for the great hospitality !! He hosted us the all weekend and we really felt like at home ! :)

There were about 15 people at Okno coming from all across Europe to experiment together for a weekend. Activities were organized with a wiki page, that now contains a lot of useful information.

I went with Claudio. We have been identified as the olsrd team, even if we are not real core developers but we just contributed to the project with a couple of plugins. However, we successfully worked on olsrd, and with the help of Szczepan Jany we found a bug in the current stable version that was fixed right away by the real olsrd developers that were following our progress online.

Foto del 5397525-10-2455121 alle 01:29

Another good thing about the event is that I got much more familiar with the OpenWRT toolchain insights, and with the UCI interface to push settings into the router.

What was really impressive was the big amout of hardware available! We had countless Foneras on our desk and also many other wireless devices !! Nicolas Thill developed a set of scripts to configure in batch multiple devices. The key idea was to compile a firmware with an embedded public ssh key, so that automated scripts could push UCI settings into the devices. To loop between the devices a list of MAC addresses is passed to the script that hacks the ARP cache to jump from one device to another… of course all this is documented on the wiki :)


The only thing that was bad to me was the terrible cold I got on Saturday, that made me feel like a zombie for the all day :( I have to say I enjoyed much more Friday and Sunday !! Hopefully Pieter healed me on Saturday night with some “Rum & Honey” Belgian medicine :)

More pictures of the event have been published here.

I hope to see many people present at the Battle of the Mesh very soon in Rome for the Ninux Day ! :)