Improve OpenWrt monitoring and managing Completed!

The GSoC work to improve eigenNet ( the OpenWrt based firmware ) is finally finished!

All the planned features and more are now implemented and the code is ready to rock on ours roof, moreover the eigenNet firmware community is very enthusiast on the work done so the code is going to be completely marged ( the most part is already in 😀 ) on the official git branch!

What was implemented:

  • Selectable custom community CRDA
  • Pointing GUI
  • Bandwidth test server and GUI
  • Conditional  IPv4 gateway announcing
  • ATH5K driver support
  • 5GHz device support
  • Export info via http (future integration into NodeShot)
  • Ebtables based firewall

Future plan:

  • OpenWrt trunk madwifi support is rapidly changing we have to take that in account for the future
  • Batman-adv is evolving so rapidly too adding new features and changing some paradigms so we should take advantage of that in the future
  • Light and secure web management ( NodeShot is not ready yet to do that so we should wait )

Checkout the code  and give us feedback for the final merge 😀 !

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