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Improve remote monitoring and managing of OpenWrt

Monday, June 4th, 2012

After the good news of being accepted for the Google Summer of Code 2012, I have started to work hard on my project; first of all I have learned a lot of things about git, the version control system used by the community around eigenNet firmware to collaborate on the development of the OpenWRT based firmware suitable for community mesh networks, then I have created my own clone of the master repository, I started editing the code and then requested to merge into master when a set of feature was complete and tested enough.

What is done:

  • Selectable custom community CRDA
  • Pointing GUI
  • Bandwidth test server and GUI
  • Conditional  IPv4 gateway announcing
  • ATH5K driver support
  • 5GHz device support

What is not done yet:

  • Node Shot integration schema/classes
  • Community broad testing
  • Final adjustment

More news and updates soon!