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Fimware openwrt tl-wr741n/nd + tinc +olsrd +nodogsplash

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Hi everyone,

I would like to tell you that i' ve ended the process to make a new firmware for our purposes.This firmware has been customized with additional packages such as:

  • olsrd (mesh protocol)
  • tinc (vpn)
  • nodogsplash (a simple splashscreen non-captiveportal)

Updated to revision 8222.
The firmware has been compiled for series of router tl-wr741n in all version and different target, and it's avaible from here. Now i'm working on how to configure the router for next step.
These firmware are free to use and have been made ​​to the community .
I hope to continue this article with the second one on how to configure, but for now I think is a good step to have a firmware already built with the ninux necessary packages.
However, more information about the configuration can be found on, following this discussion item tincVpn.

You can flash your wr741n  router by simply following this discussion forum Officialopenwrt wiki. Of this firmware i' ve tested the wr741nd v1 on a router and it's work fine.

for any question leave me a message here.