Radiomate Frontend – GSoC 2011

Radiomate (Radio Automation Made Easy) is a modular web-radio engine developed for the Google Summer of Code 2010 by the ninux and freifunk community networks. The work was motivated by the presence of many web radios related to community networking projects all over the world.

In Rome, for example, there are the Fusoradio and Radio Sonar web radios but these are currently using proprietary systems.

The development of the RadioMate engine is finished, but a complete Web frontend is missing to start using it in a real-world environment.

Radiomate will allow WJs involved in decentralized Web Radios to manage easily their files and transmissions. The engine has been designed with a plug-in architecture in mind, so that developers can adapt quickly Radiomate to new and unexpected use cases. The front-end will also have a plug-in architecture to allow the addition of new themes or features.

You can soon follow the development on


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